Llamaricks: My Poetry (I use that word lightly) blog.

llama puzzle.jpg

Is it a rhyme? 
Is it a Llama? 
It seems this time
you've found the drama.

A play on words. 
Some words at play. 
The line gets blurred. 
The color's gray.

This blog is meant
for your own writing.
So please invent
some words exciting.

They may not rhyme. 
They may be terse. 
But be sublime
and write in verse!

I'll publish those
who meet the measure. 
I'll share the prose
for all to treasure.

I put this bee
into your bonnet. 
Please send to me
your rhyme and sonnet.

So how should you
submit in your best?  
Email me here;
I'll do the rest.

You likely are asking: What’s up with this site? 
What’s up with the author? His mind is not right.

And what is a Llamarick? A word that’s created
From a creature that’s odd, and a verse often hated?

To answer those questions, to give explanation
Makes an assumption that has no foundation.

Assuming a reason behind their creation
Gives credit to neurons far over their station

No, most of this writing comes right off the cuff
Not from the cerebrum or smarty-pants stuff

While some of the prose may get you to thinking
Most will cause people to ponder more drinking

The gist of this poem and following pages
Is not stuff of wisdom or wit of the ages

I may talk of issues that folks are discussing
I may give opinions Tho' likely no cussing

Some prose may be poignant, some points may provoke
And others may raise the thought: "What did he smoke?"

What you are reading's the thoughts from my brain
Distracted, demented, at times even sane

And if you consider this poem as a test
You may have the stomach to read all the rest

So if you find insights or gems in their rough
I hope that you’ll join me as I write more stuff

And if all these verses do nothing for you
Then I hope a llama will poo on your shoe.