Yes, I got a submission from a REAL LIVE HUMAN named Elizabeth.  Here's the back-story on this:

- In 9th grade honors English class, we had a section entitled "Poetry writing" where we had to write poems for class. Someone suggested limericks, and I wrote several off the top of my head that were frankly, very popular, and sometimes humorous. Anyway, Jeff <Last Name Withheld> (a boy in my class) suggested people give me the first line of a limerick, and I had to write one in 30 seconds or less. The first line of this limerick came from Jeff. The resulting poem was very popular. :)

And here is the masterpiece of this very promising young woman:

There once was a frog in the Rockies

He could run; he was a jockies.

One day he ran

straight into a fan,

and bled all over his sockies.

A truly poignant reminder to avoid whirling blades while running.  I do wonder if the frog was a jockey, or if he was wearing Jockeys (or both)*.  I think that is part of the depth of this piece, creating tension in the reader and allowing us to sympathize with the protagonist.

That last bit was for your English teacher, Elizabeth.  I'm showing how to read far too much into something, but to do so sounding like a scholar.  Using the word "protagonist" always wins points with English teachers.  Remember that and you will go far in Life.

Well done.  Thanks for the submission!

*It is also interesting to note that Jockey makes both underwear on socks, so the reference in the last line may allude to the right interpretation.