There once was some health legislation
That some claimed would be our salvation
But the website's unveiling
And programmer's failing
Made many seek strong medication.

Just west of the northern Atlantic
A country is now in a panic
The legal solution
For care distribution?
Cheap tickets to ride the Titanic!

The people elected to serve us
Are giving great cause to be nervous
The organization
They seek for salvation:
The Internal Revenue Service?

And all of this gets me to thinking:
Just what all our leaders are drinking 
There's only one ending
To our unbridled spending:
It's clear that our ship they are sinking

Denial is simply delusion
Or status-post blunt head contusion
It shouldn't seem strange
That the health care exchange
Is producing systemic confusion

They ask me for my explanation
My thoughts on this new legislation
Will it hurt my position
As their trusted physician?
The prospects provoke palpitations

The subject I'm often demurring
That the government's plan for insuring
Won't end in the ruin
Of this practice I'm doin'
My reluctance is not reassuring

My hope is that all this confusion
Will bring people to one clear conclusion
That the docs in this nation
Should work for the patients
And not for some huge institution

So I ask of those running this nation
To hear all our cries of frustration
Don't use people's pain
 For political gain
And rescue our civilization