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Golden Llama


Golden Llama

Call your daddy and your mama It's time to win a Golden Llama!* A prize created to embolden A prize of llama that is golden!

If you want a chance at glory Click on this to read the story About a way I once looked scary Because of growth out of my nares.

Because our very special Pal That famous doc named Dr. Val Is listing it with posts profound And linking it in her Grand Rounds

But not just any rounds so grand For Dr. Val is in demand! Where can you find her blog buffet? The blog for USA Today!

I tip my hat to our dear Frau she's really hit the big-time now. Her post should reach each demographic (It also will increase my traffic!)

And so I offer my award Once thought forgotten, now restored To those so gifted who compose A clever verse about the nose.

No need for meter or for rhyme No need for images sublime Write whatever does excite you Ballad, ode, or even haiku

And then send me your magnum opus Using cyber hocus pocus Go to this page for your submission Then wait for fame and recognition

A Golden Prize awaits the clever A just reward for your endeavor But don't wait long, the clock is ticking Soon comes the hour I do my picking.

What if your verse, however gallant Shows you lack a shred of talent? I promise I will not be cruel And make you show up like a fool.

This could be your shining moment! A celebration you will foment Folks far away as Yokohama Will know you won a golden llama.


*I will send the HTML if you so wish (so you can put it on your web page).