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There Once was a Grand that was Round

This is the alter-ego to the Grand Rounds post on my "regular" blog: More Musings (of a Distractible Kind).  OK, I guess it's more id than ego. Here are the rounds not so serious There is nothing grand or mysterious It's just posts submitted To limerick committed With poet who's mildly delirious. 

1.  Swedish Meatball Surgery, Part XVI - Insureblog

If down to the ground floor you're speedin' Here's wisdom that you should be heedin' Your trip may be final If fractures are spinal Especially if you live in Sweden

2.  Study Finds Wide Variation in Reoperation Rates after Lumpectomy - Medical Lessons

The next post will make you disgusted If cancer to surgeons you've trusted For those who've been through it May have to re-do it Why can't the bad doctors get busted?

3.  UCEM Position Statement On Alcohol And Idiocy - Life in the Fast Lane

A study both shrewd and methodic Reflects upon neurons necrotic To keep your brain thinking You might ponder drinking To guard against words idiotic

4.  The Soundtrack of Loss - MS Renegade

A tune born from distant guns' firing Brought praise from a public admiring A gifted musician A fatal condition Ring out with a note most inspiring

5.  The Cost of Shopping Around for Health Care - The Colorado Insurance Insider

If you want help for your condition Be careful from whom you petition Advice that they offer May fill up their coffers They may be a doctored physician

6.  Mindfulness in Palliative Care - ACP Hospitalist

The doctors who care for the dying The nurses who comfort the crying To face life's unfairness It takes self-awareness Just be who you are without trying

7.  "Do Not Resuscitate" Orders as Body Art - ACP Internist

A mark on the skin made for viewing Is what all the cool kids are doing Now some who are older Are getting quite bolder With "DNR" wishes tattooing

8.  Channeling Your Inner Aretha Franklin - Advoconnection Blog

The elderly feel disaffected While feeling their needs are neglected They don't find it funny When they are called "honey" They simply want to be respected

9.  Letter to an Uncaring Entity - Northwest Transplant

A letter that's filled with frustration Reflects on the mood of the nation For those with the purses are telling our nurses That drugs require authorization

10.  Walking the Walk - Life is a Many Zebra'd Thing

Can't count those carbs? You're pathetic! Fall on the floor? Call the medic! You'll never outwit it You just should admit it That horrible name: diabetic.

11. Yacht Medicine - Glasshospital

The lives of the wealthy are fraught With sorrows their money has bought But when health is failing They'll find there's smooth sailing From doctors who'll come to their yacht

12.  Friday Reflection: The risks of looking and doing so much - Dr. John M

A doctor with much to be losing Considers the roads he's been choosing For sometimes it's best To forego the test The choices are getting confusing

Thanks to the writers so clever Who made my job easier than ever If you find this amusing Then check out my musings My seriously ranting endeavor 



Six Little Pills

Six little pills all snug in a packSix  little pills when microbes attack Six little pills give illness the whack Six little pills are doled out like crack

Oh Zithromax, Zithromax! What would we do? When people are coughing up purulent goo? Zithromax!  Zithromax! The patients felt cheated Till you gave us something to make them feel treated.

Six little pills in a pack for the handing. Six little pills, what excellent branding! Six little pills for the patient demanding. Six little pills, good science notwithstanding.

Oh Zithromax, Zithromax! So overused. As URI treatment makes patients confused. Oh Zithromax, Zithromax! Prescribed without blinking How long will physicians give you without thinking?

Six little pills at the patients’ insistence Six little pills should we now keep our distance? Six little pills we’ll rue your existence If Six little pills are paths to resistance.

Oh Zithromax, Zithromax! You make us desirous Against our best judgment to cover a virus Oh Zithromax, Zithromax! Your pills in a pack So oft make the best doctor act like a quack.

*Thanks to MarylandMD for pointing out my major gaffe - I called it "Five Little Pills" when a Z-Pak is six pills.  I could've called it poetic license, but someone would've probably made a wise-crack about needing a learner's permit.