DancingGranny Two things happened in the office yesterday worth noting.

The first happened when I was talking to an elderly Alzheimer's patient.  I asked her how she was doing and she leaned forward and said quietly, "I am doing just great, Dr. Rob."

Then she added, "If you want me to, I can dance for you."

The second happened while looking into a teenager's ear.  I noted a large amount of wax and made a joke that he could make candles like Shrek.  He smiled a little and said, "I can get it out to cure some cold sores."

I furrowed my brow and looked confused.  His mother explained, "Don't you know that earwax cures cold sores?"  She then went on to explain that it works great, and they often use other people's wax on their own cold sores.

I told her I think I'd rather have a cold sore.

It boggles my mind.