searchlight_400_x So what brought you here? Why are you here visiting my blog? What brought you here the first time? Many come via links from other blogs. For some it is just extremely bad luck that brought them to here. Perhaps it is some ancient curse put on your ancestors that causes you to be condemned to repeatedly reading such silliness. Whatever the cause, you are here now reading this blog. Yet there is a segment of my readership that came for very strange reasons. Yes, I am talking about those who got here through the all-powerful search engine. In looking over my stats (sorry, I do that some still), I noted some significant things. For instance, here is the top 17 searches that got people to my blog over the past 4 months (with the number of hits):

1. nose (219) - Why the nose? Why not the uvula? What is it about the nose that totally smokes the other body parts? Clearly the nose is way out in front (which is appropriate, I guess).

2. nerd (186) - Now wait a minute! How did that get people here?

3. taco (105) - A delightful food, yes. I guess people cant resist the crunchy delight of a taco. I know I can't.

4. babyCAMERA_468x378hemochromatosis (59) - Not sure why this is the only disease on the list.

5. styes (58) - Spelled in many ways. No searches on Chalazion or Hordeolum, though.

6. fat baby (44) - I NEVER did a post on fat babies. Maybe I should, though. I'd get more hits.

7. david hasselhoff (44) - Yes, I do kind of look like him. Not as clever, though.

8. moses (36) - This one makes me feel a little guilty. What would Moses think about my blog? Dang. I'd better get my act together!

9. smurfs (35) - Not really a major running theme, but less frightening than Moses.papa_smurf

10. ketchup (35) - A smurf always tastes better with ketchup.

11. tom e jerry (35) - e? not 'n? not &? That confuses e bothers me.

12. smurf (33) - OK, this is getting creepy. I have the plural e the singular. That's a lot o' smurfs!

13. smurf bulbasaur (31) - Good. The Bulbasaur should be able to cream all those smurfs.

14. distractable (30) - ...huh? What was that you said?

15. speedboat (27) - Probably how all of those smurfs and fat babies got here

16. physical exam (27) - I did a whole series on this! It had better get somewhere on the list.

17. musings of a distractible mind (26) - Great, I am behind noses, fat babies, smurfs, e speedboats! The nose is 10 times more popular than I am! I guess I am not yet a household name....


OK, so now here are some of the more interesting searches that recently got people here:

  1. Disorderly Fetus - I almost got arrested for disorderly fetus once.
  2. Clay-Aiken-Photograph-C12145964 Clay Robots - Wasn't he on American Idol?
  3. Toilets Boy - Is that possessive? The toilet owns the boy?
  4. Antibiotics high dose short time cats - I understood this one until the word "cats" came up. Perhaps we can has cheeseburger with our own antibiotic LOL cats.
  5. What is exciting about antibiotics? - I don't know. Ask the cats.
  6. Interactive urinal communicator - Just put that little wafer by your ear...
  7. Dr Rob Ontario psychic - Is this a guy, or did some guy rob a psychic? eh?
  8. Chromossome x - The person who did this one was probably missing a few Chromossomes.
  9. girl bulbasaur - To mate with the boys and get rid of all those pesky smurfs.
  10. Khumbu-Thame-03-cow-smart-looking ninja cows - Scary. They are everywhere!
  11. sexy toilets - I am baffled by this one. It is hard to imagine what they were thinking. The world is an odd place.
  12. fixated and distractible - That would be a good name for a band. Good oxymoron.
  13. webkinz ass only - you mean a Donkey?
  14. babs' uvula, gilda radner - Wha.....?
  15. best pencil sharpener in the world - I got a lot of pencil sharpener searches. I am not sure why. To my knowledge I never talked about them. Dang, after this post, my pencil sharpener hits will skyrocket!
  16. original pencil sharpener - Accept no imitations!6571480-0-large
  17. webkinz virus - It causes you to go Awwww..... and drop $17 on a doll.
  18. were to buy a llama - I wish I knew.
  19. 070227_obama_wide.hlargeeven my llama is for obama - This was inevitable. I have to say, he would be the first president to rhyme with llama. That has got to count for something!
  20. precious moments doctors - From the pit of hell....
  21. onion alpaca - I personally prefer the ginger dromedary.

smurf in sun

So if you came here by search, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. We have a grand ol' time talking about just about anything. Plus, I need helps getting rid of all of these smurfs.