OK, So I have a post on Kevinmd.com today. He is a fine fellow and allows us mere mortals to share some of the intense light of fame he basks in.

kevinmd As I thought about this, it made me wonder what it is like to be so famous. Kevin is pictured on the left, and I have it on good authority that he never moves out of that position in front of his computer. It is a fine photo, but I don't think I have ever seen another one of him on the web. Does he not allow any other pictures of him on the web? It really got me wondering.

So I Googled "kevinmd" and here were my results:


This picture comes from Dr. Val's Revolution Health (another famous person). I am not sure what kind of message they are sending.


This picture comes from Webmd. Perhaps they are ticked at him for copying their name (you know, with the concatenation of a word and "md").

Lemur 471031

Then there is this one. I can't look at it too long because those eyes are hypnotic and make me have the sudden urge to write an op-ed.


And of course there are a couple million of these.

This made me feel a bit better, as I guess the fruits of such fame are not all sweet. I mean, he is not nearly as famous as the Famous Grouse Experience.


Nor is he as famous as the famous plumbers on the web.


I'll never forget the op-ed they did on sprockets.

Then of course, who can ever live up to Donnie's famous Chili?

Sulphur, IN, KJP & Donnie's famous Chili at the Ole Country Store,  July 2007

I think that is Donnie's brother Bo.

No, Kevin has yet to get to Mount Rushmore status. Yes, he is quite famous and a nice guy to boot, despite his being frozen in front of that PC. I wonder how he types like that.

So, Kevin, to you I say thanks a lot. My piece in your blog is sure to accomplish three very important things:

  1. You will lose unwanted readers.
  2. People will be warned about my blog.
  3. My mom will be really proud.


Who knows? Maybe you will make it into a famous people photocopiable activity book. My kids couldn't put this book down for days.