Doc Gurley describes herself as "a Board-certified Internist physician and the only Harvard Medical School graduate to have been awarded a Shoney’s Ten-Step Pin for documented excellence in waitressing. Having achieved this pinnacle of greatness early in life, Doc Gurley inevitably spiraled downward." I like her already.

She is hosting Grand Rounds this week and is doing so as a "Smack Down." I am impressed. It is worth the read.

There are a few other blogs I would like to give a nod to. If you haven't read them, be sure to do so.

The first is the Derm Blog. This blog is extremely well written and answers the types of questions most people have in dermatology. I think he wants to be on Oprah some day.

The second is Neumed. This is a new blog by a medical student. Again, I appreciate the sense of humor (which may be the kiss of death coming from me). He tells of his plan for world domination, which will probably mean that we will one day clash, as I have similar plans. But for the moment, I find him a good addition to your blogroll.

Finally let me recommend The "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks. I am "thrilled" to have found it.