HumptyI am skipping town this week to go to the ACP meeting in Washington DC (and am giving a talk on Saturday).  Any med blogger types going to be there?  There don't seem to be a lot of IM bloggers (I guess we are generally too boring to be of interest to most).

Please drop me a line if you will.  I am planning on visiting the very famous Dr. Val while there (although I think she is just trying to meet a lobster).

My talk, by the way is entitled: Being a Real Doctor in a Paperless Office.

I am not sure they realize I am neither real nor paperless.

The above picture came up when I Googled "Dull and Boring."  Quite an interesting picture, with his eyes being kind of creepy-looking.  There are also some sort of ceramic pots in the background.  It seems that Humpty spends a lot of time in pretty bad neighborhoods.  It does not surprise me that he got cracked. 

Maybe he was doing crack.