I am back now. Back from Washington DC. lobster_costumeI was in DC to give a talk for the American College of Physicians national conference. Here is the link to the Power Point for the presentation if you are interested. I even included llamas.

The talk went fine - although the fact that it was on Saturday at 2:15 PM meant that the attendance was down - only about 30-40 were there. Still, they did seem to enjoy it enough.

The highlight of my trip was definitely not the ACP meeting, but my chance to meet a fellow blogger. I got to meet the very famous Dr. Val. Yes, the Dr. Val who interviews real important people.  I went to dinner with Val and her Hubby, and we had a grand time.  It is kind of strange actually meeting an online friend.  Even though we had not ever met, you clearly do have a foundation of friendship.  She introduced me as a "famous blogger."  I guess she doesn't check my site meter.

It makes me very glad to say that Dr. Val got to meet Zippy. I actually looked for one of the costumes like the one pictured above for her so that the folks at Revolution health could have a very lobster-full experience, but alas, I could not find one.

I ended up leaving Zippy with Val and the Revolution folks. He really likes Dr. Val, and her voice being so reasonable. He liked the fact that they have so many more visitors than my pitiful site and also thought it was cool that they get beer on Friday afternoons. I was also a little upset with him when he suggested that my blog be named "Dr. Rob and the voice of Lunacy," so it was pretty easy to honor his request.

lobster-dog-costume So Zippy will visit there and hopefully get an interview or two with famous crustaceans (or at least people/animals in crustacean costumes) in our nations capitol. I am sure many pictures will follow.

Remember, he wants to see the world. Maybe some day he can visit you!