I went to the Indy 500 on my first wedding anniversary.  Neither I nor my wife were racing fans, but we got free tickets and went.  There are a number of traditions at that race, one of which is for Jim Nabors (an Indiana Native) to sing "Back Home Again in Indiana."


What's the point?  Nothing.  When I see the phrase, I hear in my head the dulcet tones of Jim Nabors' vibrato.

I am not in Indiana.  I am in Georgia...back home again.

Andy_Warhol Dang, what a week to miss.  Thanks to Tara Parker-Pope for putting my post on the NY Times Health blog, I had my busiest day ever (over 2300 hits, 5400 views) and my most commented-on post (88 comments and counting).  Evidently, it was one of the most commented-on posts on the NY times blog as well (718 comments and counting), and so I am going to be on her podcast tomorrow (briefly).  They are even going to quote some of it in the paper tomorrow.

I think this is my Andy Warhol moment.

I do plan to follow-up on the obesity post, discussing some of the things that were in the  comments section.  Good stuff in those comments (not all good, but most of it was).  It's going to be a hard thing to follow.

Maybe I need to listen to Jim Nabors to get myself in the mood.

[Audio:01 - The Impossible Dream (Album Version).mp3|autostart=no]

Start your engines.