The Wall Street Journal health blog posted on the fact that there is an ICD-9 code for a spacecraft accident.  While I do find that amusing, I am not sure people realize the myriad of crazy ICD codes related to accidents.  I am not sure why this is such a common need for specific codes.  There are many circumstances where I need an ICD code for something fairly common, but can't find one.  Why would this happen with some medical conditions, while having an incredible array of codes for differing types of accidents?  My guess is for workman's compensation.

Anyway, here is the list of codes associated with the word "accident" exported from our EMR.  I have highlighted and commented throughout.

This is real.  Honest.


DESCRIPTION                                       MLCODE
Accident NEC                                                   ICD-E928.8
Accident NEC from fire in building NEC            ICD-E891.8
Accident NEC from fire in private dwelling        ICD-E890.8
Accident NOS                                                   ICD-E928.9
Accident NOS from fire in building NOS            ICD-E891.9
Accident NOS from fire in private dwelling        ICD-E890.9
Accident by burning bedclothes                       ICD-E898.0
Accident by clothing fire NEC                           ICD-E893.8
Accident by clothing fire NOS                          ICD-E893.9
Accident by clothing fire in building NEC         ICD-E893.1
Accident by clothing fire in private dwelling     ICD-E893.0
Accident by clothing fire not in building         ICD-E893.2
Accident by controlled fire in building NEC       ICD-E896
Accident by controlled fire in private dwl        ICD-E895
Accident by controlled fire not in building       ICD-E897
Accident by fire NOS                              ICD-E899
Accident by fire/flames NEC                       ICD-E898.1

Comment:  You see the way they do it.  They take several variables: clothing, in a building, what type of building; and do every iteration possible.  You will see more of this later.

Accident d/t pressure vessel explosion NEC        ICD-E921.8
Accident d/t pressure vessel explosion NOS        ICD-E921.9
Accident due to abnd, infant/helpless prsn        ICD-E904.0
*What is abnd?  A Band?  A Bond?  Why would bands and bonds want to hurt helpless people or infants?

Accident due to agricultural machine              ICD-E919.0
Accident due to air gun                           ICD-E922.4
Accident due to aircraft pressure change          ICD-E902.1
Accident due to automatic shotgun                 ICD-E922.1
Accident due to avalanche/landslide               ICD-E909.2
Accident due to blasting materials                ICD-E923.1
Accident due to blizzard                          ICD-E908.3
Accident due to boiler explosion                  ICD-E921.0
Accident due to cataclysmic storm NEC             ICD-E908.8
Accident due to caustics/corrosives               ICD-E924.1
Accident due to collapse, structure               ICD-E909.3
Accident due to constriction by hair              ICD-E928.4
*Hair constriction?  Maybe it would help to have abnd.

Accident due to diving pressure change            ICD-E902.2
Accident due to domestic appliance                ICD-E925.0
Accident due to dust storm                        ICD-E908.4
Accident due to earth moving machinery            ICD-E919.7
Accident due to earthquake                        ICD-E909.0
Accident due to earthquake/eruption NEC           ICD-E909.8
Accident due to earthquake/eruption NOS           ICD-E909.9
Accident due to electric current NEC              ICD-E925.8
Accident due to electric current NOS              ICD-E925.9
Accident due to excessive cold NEC                ICD-E901.8
Accident due to excessive cold NOS                ICD-E901.9
Accident due to excessive cold due to weather     ICD-E901.0
Accident due to excessive cold, man-made          ICD-E901.1
Accident due to excessive heat NOS                ICD-E900.9
Accident due to excessive heat due to weather     ICD-E900.0
Accident due to excessive heat, man-made          ICD-E900.1
Accident due to explosive gases                   ICD-E923.2
Accident due to explosive material NEC            ICD-E923.8
Accident due to explosive material NOS            ICD-E923.9
Accident due to exposure to laser                 ICD-E926.4
Accident due to firearm and air gun missle        ICD-E922.0
*It is important to distinguish if the missile came from an air gun or firearm.

Accident due to firearm missile NEC               ICD-E922.8
Accident due to firearm missile NOS               ICD-E922.9
Accident due to fireworks                         ICD-E923.0
Accident due to flood                             ICD-E908.2
Accident due to gas cylinder explosion            ICD-E921.1
Accident due to handtool/implement NEC            ICD-E920.4
Accident due to hornet/wasp/bee                   ICD-E905.3
Accident due to hot liquid/steam                  ICD-E924.0
Accident due to hot/boiling tap water             ICD-E924.2
Accident due to hot/caustic object NEC            ICD-E924.8
Accident due to hot/caustic object NOS            ICD-E924.9
Accident due to hunting rifle                     ICD-E922.2
Accident due to hurricane                         ICD-E908.0
Accident due to hypodermic needle                 ICD-E920.5
Accident due to industrial appliance              ICD-E925.2
Accident due to infrared heater/lamp              ICD-E926.1
Accident due to ionizing radiation                ICD-E926.3
Accident due to knife/sword/dagger                ICD-E920.3
*Well that one covers the Dungeon and Dragons crew.

Accident due to lack of food                      ICD-E904.1
Accident due to lack of water                     ICD-E904.2
Accident due to lifting machine                   ICD-E919.2
Accident due to lightning                         ICD-E907
Accident due to machinery NEC                     ICD-E919.8
Accident due to machinery NOS                     ICD-E919.9
Accident due to metalworking machine              ICD-E919.3
Accident due to military firearm                  ICD-E922.3
Accident due to mine/drill machine                ICD-E919.1
Accident due to nonrecreational swim/dive         ICD-E910.3
*I assume this is if someone pushes you in.  No recreation in that!

Accident due to overexertion                      ICD-E927
Accident due to paintball gun                     ICD-E922.5
*What if you overexert yourself with a paintball gun? I demand a new code!!

Accident due to power generating plant            ICD-E925.1
Accident due to power hand tools NEC              ICD-E920.1
Accident due to power home appliance              ICD-E920.2
Accident due to power lawn mower                  ICD-E920.0
Accident due to pressure change NOS               ICD-E902.9
Accident due to pressure changes NEC              ICD-E902.8
Accident due to privation, unqualified            ICD-E904.9
Accident due to prolng visit at high altitude     ICD-E902.0
*Who would you want to visit at a high altitude for a long time?  I suppose if you climb a mountain to talk to a guru, this would have you covered.

Accident due to radiation exposure NEC            ICD-E926.8
Accident due to radiation exposure NOS            ICD-E926.9
Accident due to radioactive isotopes              ICD-E926.5
Accident due to radiofrequency radiation          ICD-E926.0
Accident due to scorpion                          ICD-E905.2
Accident due to sharp instrument NOS              ICD-E920.9
Accident due to sharp instruments NEC             ICD-E920.8
Accident due to storms/floods NOS                 ICD-E908.9
Accident due to submersion in bathtub             ICD-E910.4
Accident due to tidal wave                        ICD-E909.4
Accident due to tornado                           ICD-E908.1
Accident due to toxic plant reactions             ICD-E905.7
Accident due to transmission machinery            ICD-E919.6
Accident due to travel and motion                 ICD-E903
Accident due to turbine/engine                    ICD-E919.5
Accident due to venomous animal NEC               ICD-E905.8
Accident due to venomous animal NOS               ICD-E905.9
Accident due to venomous arthropod NEC            ICD-E905.5
Accident due to venomous cntpd/millipede          ICD-E905.4
Accident due to venomous ocean animal             ICD-E905.6
Accident due to venomous snake/lizard             ICD-E905.0
Accident due to venomous spider                   ICD-E905.1
Accident due to vibration                         ICD-E928.2
Accident due to visible/ultraviolet light         ICD-E926.2
Accident due to volcanic eruption                 ICD-E909.1
Accident due to water activity w/diving brd       ICD-E910.1
Accident due to water activity w/o diving brd     ICD-E910.2
*Diving boards are important distinguishing factors.  It makes the recreational value of the swimming much higher.

Accident due to water-skiing                      ICD-E910.0
Accident due to weather exposure NEC              ICD-E904.3
Accident due to woodworking machine               ICD-E919.4
Accident fall same level from skis                ICD-E885.3
*I do this whenever I ski.

Here are some of the stranger combinations.  They mix cable cars (which are a very common form of transportation), animals (ridden or not ridden), Pedestrians, animal-drawn vehicles, aircraft, bicycles, railways, the list goes on....

It boggles my mind.

Accident involving cable cars                     ICD-E847
Accident involving pwr vehicle used inside        ICD-E846
Accident involving ridden animal, pedestrian      ICD-E828.0
Accident involving ridden animal, person NEC      ICD-E828.8
Accident involving ridden animal, person NOS      ICD-E828.9
Accident involving ridden animal, rider           ICD-E828.2
Accident involving ridden animal, stcr ocpnt      ICD-E828.4
Accident involving vehicles NEC                   ICD-E848
Accident, aircraft NEC, comr crew                 ICD-E844.2
Accident, aircraft NEC, comr occupant             ICD-E844.4
Accident, aircraft NEC, comr passenger            ICD-E844.3
Accident, aircraft NEC, ground crew               ICD-E844.8
Accident, aircraft NEC, military                  ICD-E844.1
Accident, aircraft NEC, occupant NEC              ICD-E844.5
Accident, aircraft NEC, parachutist               ICD-E844.7
*OK, parachuting is fine, but what happens when an animal parachutes?  Which code do you use.  It's even worse if that animal lands on your cable car.

Accident, aircraft NEC, person NEC                ICD-E844.9
Accident, aircraft NEC, space craft               ICD-E844.0
Accident, aircraft NEC, unpwr crft occupant       ICD-E844.6
Accident, anim-drawn vehicle, animal rider        ICD-E827.2
Accident, anim-drawn vehicle, pedestrian          ICD-E827.0
Accident, anim-drawn vehicle, person NEC          ICD-E827.8
Accident, anim-drawn vehicle, person NOS          ICD-E827.9
Accident, anim-drawn vehicle, streetcar ocpnt     ICD-E827.4
Accident, anim-drawn vehicle, veh occupant        ICD-E827.3
Accident, nontraffic NOS, MV, animal rider        ICD-E825.5
Accident, nontraffic NOS, MV, bicyclist           ICD-E825.6
Accident, nontraffic NOS, MV, driver              ICD-E825.0
Accident, nontraffic NOS, MV, mcy driver          ICD-E825.2
Accident, nontraffic NOS, MV, mcy passenger       ICD-E825.3
Accident, nontraffic NOS, MV, passenger           ICD-E825.1
Accident, nontraffic NOS, MV, pedestrian          ICD-E825.7
Accident, nontraffic NOS, MV, person NEC          ICD-E825.8
Accident, nontraffic NOS, MV, person NOS          ICD-E825.9
Accident, nontraffic NOS, MV, stcr occupant       ICD-E825.4
Accident, pedal cycle, anim-drawn veh ocpnt       ICD-E826.3
Accident, pedal cycle, animal rider               ICD-E826.2
Accident, pedal cycle, bicyclist                  ICD-E826.1
Accident, pedal cycle, pedestrian                 ICD-E826.0
Accident, pedal cycle, person NEC                 ICD-E826.8
Accident, pedal cycle, person NOS                 ICD-E826.9
Accident, pedal cycle, streetcar occupant         ICD-E826.4
Accident, pwr aircraft NOS, comr crew             ICD-E841.2
Accident, pwr aircraft NOS, comr ocpnt            ICD-E841.4
Accident, pwr aircraft NOS, comr pasen            ICD-E841.3
Accident, pwr aircraft NOS, ground crew           ICD-E841.8
Accident, pwr aircraft NOS, military              ICD-E841.1
Accident, pwr aircraft NOS, ocpnt NEC             ICD-E841.5
Accident, pwr aircraft NOS, parachutist           ICD-E841.7
Accident, pwr aircraft NOS, person NEC            ICD-E841.9
Accident, pwr aircraft NOS, space craft           ICD-E841.0
Accident, pwr aircraft NOS, unpwr occupant        ICD-E841.6
Accident, railway NEC, bicyclist                  ICD-E806.3
Accident, railway NEC, employee                   ICD-E806.0
Accident, railway NEC, passenger                  ICD-E806.1
Accident, railway NEC, pedestrian                 ICD-E806.2
Accident, railway NEC, person NEC                 ICD-E806.8
Accident, railway NEC, person NOS                 ICD-E806.9
Accident, railway NOS, bicyclist                  ICD-E807.3
Accident, railway NOS, employee                   ICD-E807.0
Accident, railway NOS, passenger                  ICD-E807.1
Accident, railway NOS, pedestrian                 ICD-E807.2
Accident, railway NOS, person NEC                 ICD-E807.8
Accident, railway NOS, person NOS                 ICD-E807.9
Accident, rlwy, clsion, train/obj, employee       ICD-E801.0
Accident, rlwy, clsion, train/obj, prsn NEC       ICD-E801.8
Accident, rlwy, clsion, train/obj, prsn NOS       ICD-E801.9
Accident, rlwy, clsion, train/object, bicyl       ICD-E801.3
Accident, rlwy, clsion, train/object, pasn        ICD-E801.1
Accident, rlwy, clsion, train/object, pdn         ICD-E801.2
Accident, rlwy, clsion, train/train, bicyl        ICD-E800.3
Accident, rlwy, clsion, train/train, employee     ICD-E800.0
Accident, rlwy, clsion, train/train, pasn         ICD-E800.1
Accident, rlwy, clsion, train/train, pdn          ICD-E800.2
Accident, rlwy, clsion, train/train, prsn NEC     ICD-E800.8
Accident, rlwy, clsion, train/train, prsn NOS     ICD-E800.9
Accident, rlwy, drlmnt w/o clsion, employee       ICD-E802.0
Accident, rlwy, drlmnt w/o clsion, prsn NEC       ICD-E802.8
Accident, rlwy, drlmnt w/o clsion, prsn NOS       ICD-E802.9
Accident, rlwy, drlmnt w/o collision, bicyl       ICD-E802.3
Accident, rlwy, drlmnt w/o collision, pasn        ICD-E802.1
Accident, rlwy, drlmnt w/o collision, pdn         ICD-E802.2
Accident, rlwy, hit by train, bicyclist           ICD-E805.3
Accident, rlwy, hit by train, employee            ICD-E805.0
Accident, rlwy, hit by train, passenger           ICD-E805.1
Accident, rlwy, hit by train, pedestrian          ICD-E805.2
Accident, rlwy, hit by train, person NEC          ICD-E805.8
Accident, rlwy, hit by train, person NOS          ICD-E805.9
Accident, rlwy, w/fire/explosion, bicyclist       ICD-E803.3
Accident, rlwy, w/fire/explosion, employee        ICD-E803.0
Accident, rlwy, w/fire/explosion, passenger       ICD-E803.1
Accident, rlwy, w/fire/explosion, pedestrian      ICD-E803.2
Accident, rlwy, w/fire/explosion, person NEC      ICD-E803.8
Accident, rlwy, w/fire/explosion, person NOS      ICD-E803.9
Accident, road vehicle NEC, pedestrian            ICD-E829.0
Accident, road vehicle NEC, person NEC            ICD-E829.8
Accident, road vehicle NEC, person NOS            ICD-E829.9
Accident, road vehicle NEC, streetcar ocpnt       ICD-E829.4
Accident, spacecraft, ground crew                 ICD-E845.8
*Yep, the ground crew gets their own code.

Accident, spacecraft, occupant                    ICD-E845.0
Accident, spacecraft, person NEC                  ICD-E845.9
Accident, traffic NOS, MV, animal rider           ICD-E819.5
Accident, traffic NOS, MV, auto driver            ICD-E819.0
Accident, traffic NOS, MV, auto passenger         ICD-E819.1
Accident, traffic NOS, MV, bicyclist              ICD-E819.6
Accident, traffic NOS, MV, mcy driver             ICD-E819.2
Accident, traffic NOS, MV, mcy pasn               ICD-E819.3
Accident, traffic NOS, MV, pedestrian             ICD-E819.7
Accident, traffic NOS, MV, person NEC             ICD-E819.8
Accident, traffic NOS, MV, person NOS             ICD-E819.9
Accident, traffic NOS, MV, stcr ocpnt             ICD-E819.4
Accident, unpwr aircraft, ground crew             ICD-E842.8
Accident, unpwr aircraft, occupant                ICD-E842.6
Accident, unpwr aircraft, parachutist             ICD-E842.7
Accident, unpwr aircraft, person NEC              ICD-E842.9
Accident, watercraft NEC, crew member             ICD-E838.2
Accident, watercraft NEC, other occupant          ICD-E838.3
Accident, watercraft NEC, person NEC              ICD-E838.8
Accident, watercraft NEC, person NOS              ICD-E838.9
Accident, watercraft NEC, power boat occup        ICD-E838.1
Accident, watercraft NEC, stevedore               ICD-E838.6
*Stevedore?  Who's he?

Accident, watercraft NEC, swimmer                 ICD-E838.5
Accident, watercraft NEC, unpwr boat ocpnt        ICD-E838.0
Accident, watercraft NEC, water skier             ICD-E838.4
Accidental fall                                   ICD-E888.9
*As opposed to the purposeful fall?
So now, what did you fall from?  The choices are endless.

Accidental fall NEC                               ICD-E888.8
Accidental fall NOS                               ICD-E888.9
Accidental fall from bed                          ICD-E884.4
Accidental fall from chair                        ICD-E884.2
Accidental fall from cliff                        ICD-E884.1
Accidental fall from commode/toilet               ICD-E884.6
Accidental fall from diving/jumping into wtr      ICD-E883.0
Accidental fall from one level to another NEC     ICD-E884.9
Accidental fall from other furniture              ICD-E884.5
Accidental fall from playground equipment         ICD-E884.0
Accidental fall from wheelchair                   ICD-E884.3
Accidental fall from/out, building/structure      ICD-E882
Accidental fall into hole/surface opening NEC     ICD-E883.9
Accidental fall into storm drain                  ICD-E883.2
Accidental fall into well                         ICD-E883.1
Accidental fall on/from escalator                 ICD-E880.0
Accidental fall on/from ladder                    ICD-E881.0
Accidental fall on/from scaffolding               ICD-E881.1
Accidental fall on/from sidewalk curb             ICD-E880.1
Accidental fall on/from stairs or steps NEC       ICD-E880.9
Accidental fall result in strike other object     ICD-E888.1
Accidental fall result in strike sharp object     ICD-E888.0
Accidental fall, fracture NOS                     ICD-E887
Accidental fall, hx of                            ICD-V15.89
Accidental fall, same level clsion w/prsn NEC     ICD-E886.9
Accidental fall, same level from roller skate     ICD-E885.1
Accidental fall, same level from skateboard       ICD-E885.2
Accidental fall, same level, from snowboard       ICD-E885.4
Accidental fall, same level, in sports            ICD-E886.0
Accidental fall, same level, scooter              ICD-E885.0
*This one is for Phil Rizzuto.  He fell a whole lot.

Accidental human bite                             ICD-E928.3
Accidental suffocation NEC                        ICD-E913.8
Accidental suffocation NOS                        ICD-E913.9
Accidental suffocation d/t choking on obj NEC     ICD-E912
Accidental suffocation due to choking on food     ICD-E911
Accidental suffocation, d/t lack of air           ICD-E913.2
*Differentiated from suffocation due to an abundance of air.

Accidental suffocation, due to bed/cradle         ICD-E913.0
Accidental suffocation, due to being buried       ICD-E913.3
Accidental suffocation, due to plastic bag        ICD-E913.1
Accidentally caught in or between objects         ICD-E918
Accidentally struck                               ICD-E917.9
Accidentally struck NEC w/ or w/o subsq fall      ICD-E917.9
Accidentally struck by crowd w/o subsq fall       ICD-E917.1
Accidentally struck by falling object             ICD-E916
*Like an animal using a parachute.

Accidentally struck in sports w/o subsq fall      ICD-E917.0


So there you have it.  Lots of ways to get hurt, but never a code far away.  It is a dangerous world we live in, but it warms my heart to know that there are codes there to protect me.

Ow!  Is there a "hit in the head with the keyboard" code?