Those who have read my blog for some time know I am passionate about music.  I am constantly playing music of a wide variety of styles, but really try and listen to artists who are good both musically and lyrically. Here are some of the recent artists I have added to my collection.  I recommend Amazon for buying your MP3's, by the way.  It is cheaper than I-Tunes, and there is no DRM that restricts where you play them.

*Note - to those using readers, the Blog has a player that allows you to listen to a sample of each of these.


The Cottars - Irish Folk music with some very melodic songs along with it.

[Audio:04 - Atlantic Blue.mp3|autostart=no]

The Greencards - Another folk group (with, I must admit, a little country influence).

[Audio:03 - River of Sand.mp3|autostart=no]


Lifehouse - Have been around for a while.  Really strong lyrics.

[Audio:09 - Breathing.mp3|autostart=no]

Coldplay - I got X&Y, their previous album, but their most current one is absolutely worth getting.

[Audio:06 - Yes.mp3|autostart=no]

I know musical tastes vary, but hope that some of you find something you like.