I am pretty good at random thoughts.  At one point in time, my blog was the #1 link on Google for the term "random thoughts."  Now it seems to be "Bulbasaur."  I took that picture down to discourage the Bulbasaur traffic.


apache_comanche My web host changed my server over the weekend.  That is why some of you got a very colorful page with the word "Apache" all over it.  I was wondering if I was being attacked by Apache helicopters, but that never came to fruition.  Thank goodness.

It turns out that it was my fault.  I didn't change the whatchamahoozy to point to the thingy.  Silly me.  Anyway, if you are reading this now, you are witness to the fact that the web goes on despite doctors being on it.


A recent headline caught my eye: Fla. man dials 911, complains his sub had no sauce.   It is real.  I just don't know why someone would even imagine calling 911 for this. 

I would have gone straight to the ER.


dandruff1 I was cleaning the house because the family is coming home after taking an extended vacation from me (they periodically need that).  We have dark blue carpets that the previous owners put down (curse them), and there are always these little white specks over them.  I vacuumed as well as possible, and then when I came back, there were more white specks.  What are they? 

I inspected these white specks closely, and they seemed to be either little pieces of paper or fabric of some sort.  This is very suspicious.  Why would someone tear up paper or clothing that small and put them on my floor?

Maybe the floor has dandruff.


I have gotten a grand total of one new question for Ask Dr. Rob.  Come on guys.  I need your help.  Doesn't anyone love me any more?


I am flattered and delighted to be listed in the LA Times list of Medical Blogs of note.  I am especially delighted that they put the line about "Toddlers with flame throwers" in their post.  Let's see what kind of people that brings. 

This world must be going downhill fast....