I wanted to let y'all know about some happenings out there in the blog world.  Yes, I said that as a southerner.  I do that sometimes.  When you sit and chat with people who have a strong accent all day, it cannot be helped.

champion plug 

Plug #1:  Change of Shift - The nursing version of "grand rounds" is up at Emergiblog.  A worthy read and not so wordy as grand rounds can get.


Plug #2:  Doc Gurley has been posting some wonderful posts about her visit by our dear friend Zippy.  Please go on over to her website and enjoy the read.


Don't do this.

Plug #3:  The numbers for Zippy's fund raising have stagnated.  We need to support him in his fight against cancer.  He got an invitation to Australia today, so expect big things out of him.  You can also pick up some Zippy merchandise over at Cafe Press.  All proceeds do go to fight children's brain cancer.  If all of my readers put the below picture on their website and link to Zippy, he would be REALLY happy!


Oh yes, and thanks to Tara Parker Pope for sending a gazillion readers over here.  I say as one ex-New Yorker (I grew up in Rochester) to all of you visiting from the Empire state : RUN AWAY!!! THERE IS STILL TIME TO LEAVE THIS WEBSITE WITH YOUR BRAIN INTACT!!!!!!

By the way, did you notice more people are afraid of nasal fungus than death?  Interesting......