I was away at a conference this weekend.  We were there to work on the better application of computers to our practice.  We give good care, but could do a lot better.  There are folks out there doing incredible things, and we need to do them for the sake of our patients.

Lots of information, lots things to do coming home.  This is important stuff.

Blogging has become a bigger deal too.  More recognition and more visitors.  It's nice to get good rubs.  A hobby has become much more than that; and that's still hard to grasp.

Famous?  The thought boggles my mind.

Then comes phone call #1.

My niece was hit by a drunk driver.  She is a very gifted athlete and was hit while walking after an evening with brothers, sisters, and good friends.  She has massive injuries to her lower body, facing many surgeries and long rehab - in the best-case scenario.  We hope she will walk again.  We hope she will run.  We pray that she won't turn for the worse.

Now time is spent on the phone with family, answering questions and figuring out if there is anything to do.

Then comes phone call #2.

One of my colleagues, a general surgeon calls me this morning to tell me that one of my patients - the son in a family that is dear to me - died of complications from an acute abdominal process.

I'll call them today.

Life seems pretty important sometimes.  The things in my life that occupy time and thoughts are not trivial, but then comes a reality check.

Life is fragile.  It is not about accomplishments or control.  It is not about fame or entertainment.  Tomorrow is no guarantee.  Love life; nothing less.

Stay strong, my friends and family.

Stay strong.