It is with great pleasure that I announce the inaugural Golden Llama Award.  This award is given to the poor soul who most exemplifies the values, virtues, and complete dedication to avoiding prolonged rational thought that is exemplified by this blog.  It is an honor unlike any other.

To punish reward the hard work and insightfulness of the GLA winner, I will dedicate a spot on my sidebar for this person (and won’t take it down EVEN IF THEY BEG ME).  I will also send them a copy of the picture that they can proudly display on their website, blog, or even on the side of their head if the so desire.  I would say that doing the last may be the appropriate action with such an award.

And so, without further delay, the first victim winner of the Golden Llama Award is……


for her caption:


He knew what his mom would say, “I don’t care what all of the other kids are doing,” but he just could not help himself. Besides, he would just chew and spit the leaves, he wouldn’t swallow.

It just touched me.  Perhaps it reminded me of “Latawnya the Naughty Horse,” the best book ever written in the history of mankind.


Honorable mentions (do I dare say that after Latawnya?) go to

Catherine C. for: “I’m not coming down until after the election. Could you toss up my lipstick?”

Bruce for: “Because of the prolonged drought, the cow tree fruit was too small and deformed to harvest for market.”

and Peggikaye for: “This is what I get for using algebra equations for mapping the route….”


Congratulations to our winners!  More contests to follow.

Thanks to Robin for once again designing a killer logo!