APTOPIX Women in Entertainment BreakfastAre you coveting some fame?  Are you desiring some recognition?  Do you want out of the doldrums of your drab existence?  Are you getting tired of watching the Wheel of Fortune Network?  Has Oprah sent hit squads to shut down your dissenting opinion due to your disbelief in her all-knowing will for your life?

Today may just be what you were looking for!  It's once again time to engage the intelligent and creative readers of this blog in a contest of wits.  OK... you don't have to be intelligent or creative; you just have to know how to type.  Well, I suppose you could get someone else to type for you... I don't want to discriminate against people with no arms.

This is harder than I thought it was.

OK, let's show Oprah what we're made of and that we can live our lives without Dr. Oz.

Here is your photo:


Good luck.  The winner(s) will be awarded the coveted Golden Llama Award.

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