hair-salon-1 No, not this kind of salon (for an American Girl doll, no less), but I am quoted in by Rahul Parikh in a segment he did critiquing the medical point of view of the Huffington Post.  It is an excellent piece (despite my inclusion being clear indication of dropping standards).  Go and read and you will get a better idea of what a lot of people are getting in the guise of medical advice.  He also has additional info on his own website.

I am not 100% opposed to all things alternative, but I am against people putting it forth as science (if it was science, it would not be alternative any more).  I also object to having debates on medical issues that don't rely on facts.  The bottom line with science is that it isn't science unless it can accept the fact that it is wrong.  Vaccines have been pulled.

Oh yes, and if I am part of some big conspiracy for vaccines, then I am totally nuts.  I am losing money on many of my vaccines.  Either I am a big dolt or somehow I think this stuff is true.  If people can scientifically show that this is not good, I will stop.  I have no desire to injure children.

Don't snicker because I said I was "totally nuts."  That's not what I meant.

Thanks Rahul.  Excellent job!