I made the front page of the paper today!

While there are many circumstances where this would not be a good thing, today is not one of those circumstances.  I am not running for political office, I have not been stopped for my 17th speeding ticket, and I was not caught freeing llamas from a petting zoo (I deny that completely).  I was featured in the paper as a doctor who is "a hit on iTunes."  Brittany Spears is already jealous.

This all, of course, made me think, "dang, I have that boring video up as my most recent post."  To those of you who are here because of the article in the Augusta Chronicle, please don't judge me by that.  I was just experimenting.

Thanks to Tom at the AC for doing the story.  The picture of me listening to my iPod with a stethoscope is not, as the caption reads, a picture of me recording a podcast.  It was kind of a joke to do that picture (although you can hear nice whirring noises when you do it).

Now I am a bigger fish in the little pond.

Watch out, Oprah.