Welcome, oh welcome to the world of reform,Where truth is elusive, confusion the norm! Where thinking comes only in partisan form, And people, we're just at the start of the storm!

So hear me divulge the sad story of woe. I wish I could tell you it just isn't so, But trouble's aplenty where foe faces foe Behavior starts slipping and standards get low.

In one corner stands the old party so grand The party of Lincoln who once saved our land Their numbers depleted, an overthrown band See them in the chambers as they make their stand!

A plan that is public creates great distress, Just growing the government won't fix this mess! Absolute power just leads to excess! (But what's their alternative's anyone's guess)

Determined they stand with a look in their eye That says they would hell and high water defy And right in the face of that president guy Their spokesman will utter: "you lie,sir, you lie!"

Opposing them is the great Jefferson's crew Who feel that their moment is long overdue Their numbers once meager just suddenly grew From liberal Yankees to dogs that are blue.

With such a great army they should be victorious And stand at the summit with splendor so glorious But fighting themselves is their modus notorious And keeping together extremely laborious.

Their leader is suave and a speaker so gifted And when from their task their attention has drifted Or if without warning positions have shifted He soothes and he strokes 'till their party's un-rifted

So in their committees they lobby and fight To save our great land from its medical plight They often use words that are hardly polite They wrestle and wrangle deep into the night

When every last partisan word has been said When rules long held sacred are turned on their head They offer the thing that the people all dread A bill wide and sweeping that nobody's read

And from this confusing and uncivil mess Come speeches proclaiming a certain success All quickly devoured by a clamoring press But actual outcomes one only can guess

And far from the demagogues' loud proclamations Away from champions of grand obfuscations Who speak to the cameras with brilliant orations And bow at the altar of public relations

Spread over the reaches of this tired nation Are havens of healing where doctors meet patients Who carry burden of  mounting frustrations And end being listed as sad "complications "

With all of the money the leaders are spending The obvious message to us they are sending It's totally clear, there is only one ending: It's their own agendas to which they are tending

The patients are now in the poorest condition We've put them all into this dreadful position Ignoring the help of those greedy physicians And trusting their health to those smart politicians