If you got a bunch of gunk in your reader yesterday, it was because I tried a new plugin and I guess I didn't understand it.  If you enjoyed getting all of that in your reader, then you are welcome.  Here's a haiku to express my emotions about this:

I am so sorry About the gunk I sent you Sometimes I'm a dope

Speaking of haikus, the contest is coming to an end.  Submit your haikus and over the weekend I will judge them.  There are so many good entries that I am not certain how I will decide.  Here's a haiku to express my emotions on this:

Contest is Ending Ingenious haikus abound Need to buy more beer.

Yes, I'll have to have beer while I judge this so I won't get too stressed out.  You  guys have clearly outdone yourselves.  Here's a haiku to express how I feel about that:

Wow, those haikus rocked Even ones without llamas Were really quite good

But I do sometimes worry about you guys.  Here's a haiku I wrote about that:

My Readers are great May need psychiatric help Trauma from my blog

And finally, here is a haiku I wrote that comes from my heart.  I have really strong emotions sometimes, and verse is the only way I can express it:

Orange Julius Power Puff Girls and Gumby Flew to Oregon

I hope that touches you like it did me.