The ongoing saga of ADD (and sometimes H) continues on today's podcast.  I go into more details about how to diagnose it, and the why, what, and when about treatment.  (Go HERE for the podcast, or download it on iTunes.)

One point I make in the podcast is that I do think that stimulant medications are over-prescribed.  They are often used in cases so a person can "do better."  Nearly everyone can increase focus and do better when taking stimulant drugs.  The real question when considering treatment is whether the ADD is really causing problems.

I am sad that our society seems to want to minimize all struggle.  Struggle is not only inherent in life, it is what makes us better and stronger people.  Somehow our society has changed from a mindset of facing struggle to that of avoiding it.  We do ourselves and our children no favors by removing all obstacles.

This doesn't mean ADD should not be treated with medication; it just means that the criteria to treat it should be more than just "it's hard."

PS: If you want to know why I included the picture at the top of this post, you have to listen to the podcast.