There once was a llama of gold Whose image was one to behold The bloggers did love it And unwaveringly covet So to the new contest entrolled

A haiku is sort-of a poem Though many who read them don't know 'em The rules are unbending From start until ending Just one added word and you blow 'em

And put these two in combination And soon you have made a sensation Just write health haikus And aim to amuse And you will earn gold acclimation

And now comes the part that's unnerving For lots of them were quite deserving But I'll end the drama And hand out the Llama But from what I choose I'm not swerving

So as I present my selections The ones who have won my affection Look down to the bottom That's where I have got 'em I sure hope you grasp my directions

The first choice had me singing gaily By Hillary Gorman Israeli A Healthcare lament To put on the vent The system's survives only frailly (1)

The second tells what may undo us A fine haiku by Leigh St-Louis "Cold" is her word Of life uninsured Oh how the Canadians must view us! (2)

The third winner now I am tellin' A reader who's named Mary Ellen A likeness so true 'tween health and haiku An entry that was quite compellin' (3)

The next is from good doctor Smack Who showed that for shame she does lack Those socks from the llamas Will match my pajamas But why not use hair from a yak? (4)

The final haiku I'm presenting That Limpens gal who's unrelenting She wrote a whole post But what touched me most The hours of a life residenting (5)

But wait, guys, the party's not ending For other gold llamas I'm sending To those who unswerving Have done things deserving And so now my rhymes are extending

A nurse named Kim got us united A medblogger track was farsighted She got us to Vegas Not having to beg us And next year you all are invited

a blogger from far away nation made blogworld his lone destination so bongi's awarded his praise is accorded given sans capitalization

And so now this rhyming is ended My neruons' last energy spended Now please stop your crying And always keep trying To win a gold llama so splendid


Haiku winner #1

our healthcare system
is on a ventilator
should we pull the tube?

Haiku winner #2

can’t afford health care.
and can’t move to canada.
situation: cold.

Haiku winner #3

Healthcare like Haiku
law bound and bureaucratic
theories change, rules same

Haiku winner #4

Distractible Mind
If you send me llama hair
I will knit you socks.

Haiku winner #5

Dark when he leaves home,
Dark when he returns from work.
Resident Life.