Real life happens. I have overall tried to keep my blog somewhat independent of what goes on in real life.  I have done so for most of the past 3 1/2 years, but I am tired now.  My obsession with keeping enough of you visiting is not strong enough to get me writing things of substantial quality.

That's the thing about blogs: they are personal.  My blog talks about what I experience as a physician and as a guy who lives in Georgia.  I talk about what I feel, think, and what my experiences mean to me.  If something hits me during the day, I write about it - even if it is absurd or obtuse.  It's my blog and so I can do what I want.

But now life has sucked most of my energy out of me.  I am just a guy who happens to be a doctor, and normal guys don't get to pick how things happen.  I may be blogging tomorrow, but it may not be for a while - it all depends on what I feel like and what goes on.

A am being cryptic.  I am hiding things from you because as all writing does, blogging only puts forth what I want people to see.  I will not willingly shame myself or others and so will leave you in the dark.  But the goal is not to get sympathy or pats on the back.  All I want to do is to simply let you all know that I am normal, and normal isn't always a great thing to be.

You are my friends, so I owe you this explanation.