(From "Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head", but B. Kliban)

Yes, it's a post!

Life is settling down some.  I really appreciate the comments on my last post.

This past few months have been another reminder that there is no such thing as "normal."  The only thing normal is the presence of change - sometimes more than others.  Which means that this is not so much me restarting my regular blogging habits, but more that I am not purposefully staying away from blogging.  It is something I enjoy enough that I have to hold myself back from diving back in.  I am not ready for that.

This is simply a post.  I share my thoughts and (when I have them) insights.  I entertain myself by playing around with words and do my best to entertain you.  I sometimes write out of passion, and other times out of boredom.  Sometimes I write just to keep writing (which is essentially what this post is).

But the response to my last post reminds me of one more reason I write: I write because I like my readers and enjoy interacting with them.  I felt like Jimmy Stewart on It's a Wonderful Life where all the people pile into the house to say what a good guy he is (although you guys didn't give money).  The gratifying difference between me and Jimmy, however, is that he did all sorts of good things for people and I am just sharing my thoughts (sometimes a little deranged) and sharing myself.

Writing is personal, and there is a personal connection when people respond to it - even more than when they thank me for being their doctor.

Thanks again.