I haven't been blogging as much lately.  You may have noticed.  I hear there was great celebration in Switzerland.  The main reason for this is a lack of time.  To sit and write something (especially longer posts, such as the physical exam posts) takes a good amount of time and mental energy, and much of the time I would normally devote to blogging, I am spending writing podcast episodes.

This is not all bad, because I really like doing the podcast.  I like it for entirely different reasons than those that make blogging so fun; the focus of the podcast is education.  The audience is the non-medical population.  Blogging, on the other hand, I do predominantly for myself.  I enjoy voicing my opinion, making people laugh, and having people laugh at my opinion.  Blogging is more play than it is work, while podcasting is somewhere in between.

All this is to say that if you are not listening to the podcast yet, please do (subscribing on iTunes is best for me).  It may even be worth listening if you are a physician or other medical professional, as I write these to address common questions patients have.  I want this to be a tool for docs to be able to get questions answered accurately and easily without necessitating a phone call or office visit.  I want to make things easier for myself, and so would as a consequence make things easier for other docs in my position.

I am also working on a possible book through Macmillan that would be somewhere between the podcast and the blog.  The humor I use in the blog is much more natural for me than spoken humor in a podcast - I had to really refine that humor over time.  Writing a book is back to the blog humor I am very familiar with.  We'll see.

Another thing: March is our social media push.  I am competing against the other QDT podcasters to see if we can get the most new Twitter and Facebook followers.  If you are not following me on twitter, go to http://twitter.com/housecalldoc, and if you are not following on Facebook, please join my fan page.  I want to show the other QD hosts who rules the roost.  Besides, they are giving out a TV set as a prize.

Don't worry about the blog.  It's too much a part of me now to ever give up.  I have about 5 or 6 half-written posts (as opposed to my usual half-witted posts).  I like my readers a lot and enjoy the whole process of blogging.  I just need to hit a new rhythm with my writing.

Just thought you needed to know.