For some reason, the search for "dating patients" as come up a lot on my side bar.  Now it seems that it has generated enough curiosity as to what I say on the issue that people are regularly clicking on "dating patients."  They are disappointed to find out, however, that I have never written about dating patients. It seems strange to me that this has happened, as I believe strongly that doctors should not date their patients.  This especially applies to those doctors who are married.  I don't intend on dating my patients, and I don't recommend that any other doctors do it either.  There are huge ethical lines that are crossed in this circumstance - especially with long-term patients.  The vulnerability of people in the exam room makes taking advantage of their weakness something that is quite bad.

I am glad I got that off of my chest, although I guess I can't say that I haven't written about "dating patients" any more.  I guess I will get even more searches.


On another  subject, I need to ask What's wrong with you, people??? I asked for pictures of "llama man" with the offer of a coveted Golden Llama award, and I have gotten only two submissions!!  Don't be afraid.  I want to see your talent (or lack thereof).  Since the GLA's are handed out by my whims, it is not beyond reason that I will reward particularly bad efforts out of pity.

I am just so disappointed.  Where have your mother and I gone wrong??


And with Father's day coming up, how about buying dad some Drug of Choice Coffee?  It's the perfect gift - especially if dad does drugs or works in the medical field (or both).

it's yumsters.