You may have noticed the ads on the site/newsfeed.  I am sorry to those who I offend for wanting to earn some money from blogging.  I am doing my best to keep the ads as reasonable as possible; let me know if there is something way off-base. Please note that I have a new tab on my homepage entitled "EMR." This is to give access to the resources of  Software Advice, a company that helps medical offices with the EMR decision-making process.  There are some very good resources on this page (which is why I am promoting them), including information on the "meaningful use" criteria so docs can get money for implementing EMR.  I always advise people to get as much help as possible in the EMR implementation process, and these folks seem to have their act together.

I also have added Scrubs Gallery as a sponsor.  Please note that you can get 15% off mens' scrubs with code "mens_value".

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If you enjoy a blog or web page, think about supporting that site clicking on their sponsors' links.  If I have any link on my website that ever spams you or does you wrong, please let me know so I can eliminate them from my list.  It does cost money to do this stuff, and it takes time away from work and/or family if I am not careful.  I love doing it, but getting something back for the time spent helps a lot.  You don't do this kind of thing for the money (even my podcast is very modest in what I get paid), but it's nice to think you are worth some pay (over the $2 per month I can earn from Google Adsense).