If you don't know by now, I am an EMR evangelist.  A poorly implemented EMR is a nightmare - slowing people down and increasing frustration.  A well-implemented product, however, will give a huge improvement to workflow in the office, benefitting both doctor and patient. Here is our EMR in action (with HIPAA censorship present).  I am checking labs on a patient and evaluate their lipids using a Framingham risk calculator that takes the variables from the patient data.  I then generate an email and send it to the patient.  The whole process takes me about a minute (under 30 seconds if I am not recording).  The patients get an email stating that there are results waiting on our server and have to log on securely to view them.  We are notified when they view them and if they haven't viewed them after 30 days (or whatever interval we determine).

The quick jumps between screens are macros we put on our computers using free software.


My product is Centricity by GE, but the point is not to push their product, it is simply to show what is possible (and what I do every day with my EMR).

If you want more good information on choosing and EMR or making your current one work better, visit my EMR page.