Hi. Thanks for coming to this, my new blog.  Yes, I've been away for over a year now - away, that is, from the blogging world.  Well, that away-ness ends now.

Now, I can't say that I am back for good, as the balance of life is always precarious, and I was unable to maintain good balance in the past.  But I do feel I am past due to start writing again.  There is too much craziness, too many funny things, too much misunderstanding, and too many words inside of me waiting to come out for me to stay out of blogging.  I hope I can do so now without becoming sucked into the toxicity of trying to write for people's reactions (which is why I quit blogging).  I think I can.

Anyway, I do intend for this new blog to be pretty similar to the previous one (which you can still access at http://distractible.org).  A year off, however, gives me perspective and gives me license to change as well.  A new blog lets me not be forced into the legacy of the old blog, good or bad.  My whole take on writing and why I liked blogging so much in the first place was that there are no rules when you are your own publisher.  There may be expectations set there by your readers, but there are no rules.

So here it goes.

Thanks for stopping by.