It's great to be back to blogging.  Part of it is that I just like to write, but a bigger part of it is that I am back among friends.  My time away was fruitful in many ways, but one of my biggest regrets was to pull away from the blogging community - people who I have grown to love and respect over the course of time.  My welcome back to the blogging world has been good for my spirit, as I have been embraced by people in so many ways.

Today is Grand Rounds day and, not coincidentally, it is a Valentine's Day grand rounds done by Dr. John Mandrola.   My post got the leadoff position, which I am grateful for.  He did a great job putting together a great collection of posts from around the medical blog universe.  Go over there; it's well worth the read and a good way to learn about new bloggers.

I would be remiss (and I absolutely loathe being remiss) if I failed to mention that I am hosting Grand Rounds in a few weeks.  I am not sure exactly how I am going to put it together in some new and interesting way, but ideas are coming on me like spit from an angry llama.

Again, thanks for the great welcome back.