In looking through my vast collection of pens I came across a surprise:

It raised the obvious questions:

  • Why do I have a pen from Blueboy Chihuahuas?
  • Why would I have a pen from a company in Lowell MA?
  • Did a Chihuahua rep come around to my practice trying to get me to encourage my patients to get a chihuahua?
  • Does this Blueboy company sell chihuahuas, or do they just service them?
  • Is the boy really blue, and if so, did he get happier when he got a chihuahua?
  • Why would someone name a street "Weed Street," unless they were fans of Cheech and Chong or lived in California (or Amsterdam)?

To answer these baffling questions I did what every red-blooded American (and those with other colors of blood...and non-Americans) would do: I googled it.  Here's what I found:

There is, in fact a store that sells chihuahuas in Lowell, MA, and their web page (which is purple, not blue) gives the following information:

  • They breed chihuahuas
  • They don't breed for demand, but try to place them in good homes (presumably ones with lots of blue things, although the color of the web page has me wondering)
  • They don't ship the puppies, meaning you can't get an overnight Fedex or UPS chihuahua.  I would think that the practice of shipping chihuahuas would be much more tempting than great dane or german shepherd shipping.  This is just guesswork on my part, though.
  • There is absolutely no explanation of the Blueboy name, nor is there reference to any form of hemp-related substance.
  • They are active in the animal rescue movement, which is a very good thing.
  • They don't discuss whether or not they rescue people from small dogs, as I have been personally persecuted my several of them in my life and would have greatly appreciated rescue.
  • They have an advertisement for GW Little, which has the following items for sale:

Glasses (although these look more like goggles to me)

A sombrero (the dog is clearly thrilled)

A hoodie (with a shark on it)

Blue bunny pajamas

A turkey costume (no comment can do it justice)

The ever watchful Spider-Dog

This raises the issue of animals needing rescue, and why a company (although their lack of reference to blueness makes me wonder if it's some sort of front) who purports to support animal rescue would send its readers to a Web site devoted to animal humiliation.

So the mystery of the dog pen remains.  I do have to say that it writes quite well, and has drawn international attention to the blueish dog vendor on a street with a questionable name.  I guess it's done it's job.