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When I restarted blogging at the start of this year I made the decision to start a new blog instead of re-starting the old one.  I did this for several reasons:

  • I felt the old blog was something of the past and wanted a fresh start, as I had changed in the interim.
  • The old blog seemed to be slow, probably because I use a lot of pictures in my posts (some of them of Dick Cheney, which is definitely trouble).
  • A new blog reset the expectations of what I should write about and what tone I should take.  I could just be myself, and part of what made me quit the old blog was that I got too caught up in getting responses from my readers rather than being myself.

But I have found that I miss the old blog.  I think the name "Musings of a Distractible Mind" is better than the present "More Musings" moniker, which is very much derivative.  So I am considering changing back to the old name for this blog, either by combining the two into one site (it would make sense that my old blog material would go into the archives of this one) or just by changing the names.  I am asking this question now because in re-vamping the website for my practice (done by a professional), I have the opportunity to make this change.

What do you think?  I've created a poll for you to give your opinions, but you can also comment.  I don't know why the poll looks funny on the page, but you are certainly smart enough to figure out how it works.  If not, then fill it out in the side-bar.  If you are still confused by all of this, wag your finger at the screen three times and say "Bucky the wonder-penguin," three times.  This will forge a psychic bond between us and I will know your opinion on the matter. It will also likely get the people around you to suggest a medication dosage adjustment, which may be a good idea anyhow.

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Podcasting with Old Friends


This evening I had the pleasure on being interviewed by Dr. Mike Sevila for the "Family Medicine Rocks" podcast.  I talked about old times (I was the first guest on his show 5 years ago) and a lot about my decision to go into solo practice.  It was a great chance to talk about my passion, the history of this decision.  I even talk about llamas.  You can go get the podcast on iTunes (it will be available later, not tonight), or you can go to Blog Talk Radio and listen.

Thanks Mike!



Being Back to Blogging is Grand

It's great to be back to blogging.  Part of it is that I just like to write, but a bigger part of it is that I am back among friends.  My time away was fruitful in many ways, but one of my biggest regrets was to pull away from the blogging community - people who I have grown to love and respect over the course of time.  My welcome back to the blogging world has been good for my spirit, as I have been embraced by people in so many ways.

Today is Grand Rounds day and, not coincidentally, it is a Valentine's Day grand rounds done by Dr. John Mandrola.   My post got the leadoff position, which I am grateful for.  He did a great job putting together a great collection of posts from around the medical blog universe.  Go over there; it's well worth the read and a good way to learn about new bloggers.

I would be remiss (and I absolutely loathe being remiss) if I failed to mention that I am hosting Grand Rounds in a few weeks.  I am not sure exactly how I am going to put it together in some new and interesting way, but ideas are coming on me like spit from an angry llama.

Again, thanks for the great welcome back.



Golden Llama Award

I think it's time to bring back an old friend: the Golden Llama Award.

The GLA is an award given to people who deserve it.  There is only a single criterion (that's right Latin, isn't it) needed to get a GLA: my whim.  If you do something that I think is particularly GLA worthy I will publicly endow you with the award so you can display it clearly wherever you want.  I would give you one warning: Oprah has been gunning for one of these for years, so try to keep it where she won't see it.  This whole OWN thing was a ploy to soften me up, and I am sick of the phone calls from her and her crony, Dr. Phil.

It won't work, Oprah.

So what do you have to do to get a GLA?  Well, you actually need to head over to my other blog, Llamaricks to find out.  Yes, this is a ploy to get actual submissions to that blog (as everyone so far has been a dead-beat and not sent me anything).  Go on over there and see what's up in GLA land!  Come on; you can do it!  Believe in the power within you.  Visualize your inner creative powers and expand their borders.  You just have to believe.

Oh no.  I think I just channeled Oprah.



A Little Housekeeping

I wish my mom looked like this and that she used Lestoil.

Sorry, I got distracted by this fabulous picture.  We can only hope the future is so great.  Anyhow, this post is to do a bit of housekeeping regarding the URL of this new blog.  The new and final home for this blog is  I have done a re-direct on the previous URL ( which should take effect soon, I hope.  I fixed the feed so it already redirects (if you are getting this in the feed, then you have proof of that fact).  But if you have put up a link to this blog (in "Avoid At All Costs" lists, no doubt), you should change the old URL to this one.  I am not quite sure what a guy named URL has to do with this stuff, but perhaps he runs the Internet.  Maybe his mom wears a space suit and uses Lestoil.

Lucky Dog.

I'll also be spiffing up this place as I get the chance, so if you see changes to the color, pictures, or if it captures control of your computer remotely, don't be alarmed.  It's all part of the master plan.

Also, don't miss the fun at and llamaricks.  I have a humorous picture page on that I'm going to periodically update.  Send your funky pics to me as well as any poetry for submission to Llamaricks.

I think that's all.  Thanks for all of the re-tweets and the nice things people have said.  I am truly touched by it all.

Now I have to work to make you regret those words.



What I did on my Blogging Vacation

Hi. Thanks for coming to this, my new blog.  Yes, I've been away for over a year now - away, that is, from the blogging world.  Well, that away-ness ends now.

Now, I can't say that I am back for good, as the balance of life is always precarious, and I was unable to maintain good balance in the past.  But I do feel I am past due to start writing again.  There is too much craziness, too many funny things, too much misunderstanding, and too many words inside of me waiting to come out for me to stay out of blogging.  I hope I can do so now without becoming sucked into the toxicity of trying to write for people's reactions (which is why I quit blogging).  I think I can.

Anyway, I do intend for this new blog to be pretty similar to the previous one (which you can still access at  A year off, however, gives me perspective and gives me license to change as well.  A new blog lets me not be forced into the legacy of the old blog, good or bad.  My whole take on writing and why I liked blogging so much in the first place was that there are no rules when you are your own publisher.  There may be expectations set there by your readers, but there are no rules.

So here it goes.

Thanks for stopping by.